High school pimp allegedly drugged 15-year-old, forced her into sex trade [VIDEO]

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Travis Lekas, 17, who attends Nimitz High School in the Dallas suburb of Irving, is accused of forcing an unnamed 15-year-old female classmate into prostitution, reports CBS DFW. Lekas allegedly kept the girl at his residence for three days, plying her with a cocktail of alcohol, pot and prescription pills.

He compelled her to have sex for money with men who stopped by “in exchange for U.S. currency and narcotics,” according to local ABC-affiliate WFAA.

The high schooler now faces felony charges for human trafficking, compelling prostitution and sexual performance by a child.

Police believe that Lekas also attempted to sign up other underage girls to his nascent pimping enterprise. His targets were allegedly other students at Nimitz High as well as students at Bowie Middle School.

The alleged high school pimp’s grandmother charged that the 15-year-old female at the center of the allegations is not telling the truth, according to WFAA.

Jennifer Stevens, billed by CBS DFW as a friend of Lekas, also insists that Lekas is innocent.

“The Travis I know was a troubled kid who needed help at times,” Stevens told the station. “What she said was a total lie because I was there the night — because I’m the one who picked her up at the McDonald’s.”

Stevens is an older woman who apparently has given Lekas a place to stay at times. It’s not clear when Lekas was living with her.

Whatever the case, Lekas is currently in jail subject to a $175,000 bond.

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