Kevin Durant donates $1M to Oklahoma tornado relief

Stuart Dezenhall Contributor
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Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant may be home for the rest of the playoffs, but that doesn’t mean he lost his title as the most likable guy in the NBA.

Today, the American Red Cross let the public know that they received a $1 million donation from Durant to go towards relief efforts for those affected by the recent tragic tornado damage in Oklahoma.

The Thunder organization matched Durant’s donation and will also be giving $1 million for the relief effort.

Durant has been widely considered one of the more likable players in the NBA, especially considering he is a superstar. Most tend to come with egotistical baggage and look-at-me attitudes that Durant lacks.

Known for giving his mother hugs and kisses before and after home games, Durant caught many fans by surprise after receiving several technical fouls early this season… but pledged to stop when his grandma told him to stop cursing on the court.

He even had a shoe ad that’s plot centered around someone stealing shoes, but when all signs pointed to Durant being the culprit, he was ruled out because he was “the nicest guy in the NBA.”

And now we learn that he privately donated a substantially large chunk of money to help those in his community.

He didn’t need to take to Twitter to promote himself or publicly make a pledge about how Kevin Durant was donating money.

He just went about his business, did what he thought was right, and gave an incredibly generous amount of help to a community in need.

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