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If you hit somebody with your car, you should probably admit it on Twitter

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I have a bit of a personal interest in this story, having been hit by a car myself. You can’t give the following motorist any points for brains, but unlike the people who crippled me for life, at least she told the truth about why it happened.

Daily Mail:

Driver ‘admits’ knocking down cyclist on Twitter

Police have launched an investigation after a young woman apparently admitted on Twitter to having knocked down a cyclist.

The message, signed off with the hashtag #bloodycyclists, said: “Definitely knocked a cyclist off earlier – I have right of way he doesn’t even pay road tax”.

Both the message and the account it was tweeted from have since been deleted, but several Twitter users had already reported it to Norfolk Police, which this evening claims to have tracked down both the driver and the cyclist and launched an investigation…

The rider involved, Toby Hockley, 29, was taking part in the organised Boudicca Sportive ride in Norfolk on Sunday and claims that he was knocked down by a car coming in the opposite direction, five miles from the finish of the 100-mile event.

He suffered a “bruised shin and a sore elbow” and says that he considers it to have been a “miraculous escape”.

Here she is, courtesy of Road.cc:


Glad Hockley wasn’t hurt worse. Still, it was a hit & run. This woman should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

And she will be, because I’m assuming she doesn’t work for the State Department.

(Hat tip: AoSHQ)

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