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Not All Britons are blind to the causes and implications of the London beheading committed by jihadis

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I don’t know much about the English Defence League, except that the British media think they’re “right-wing extremists.” (If you’ve been following the IRS scandal, or the last 4 years in general, you know that this phrase has been rendered completely meaningless.) But if leftist Brits and the media (PTR) hate them, I’m willing to give them a listen.

Here’s EDL spokesman Tommy Robinson talking about the beheading of a British soldier by Islamic extremists in the streets of London. It’s almost 30 minutes, and there’s the occasional profanity, but I encourage you to hear him out.

Disagreeing with an ideology, and condemning those who use that ideology to excuse murder, without condemning the believers in that ideology as a whole? That’s “racist,” that’s “hate speech,” if they constitute a Designated Victim Group.

A cursory Google search reveals that the British papers hate this guy. Maybe it’s the words he says. More likely, they can’t get past his accent. He doesn’t know his place. He’s speaking above his station. That’s England for ya.

But what do you think? Does he not have a point? Which of his facts are wrong? Why is it racist and bigoted and hateful to say that Islamic ideology is wrong and should be changed? What’s bigoted about believing that Muslims should try to assimilate into the societies they move into, just like everybody else does? What’s hateful about refusing to submit to the religion of submission? What’s racist about saying it’s intolerable to punish people for speaking out against beheadings in the streets?

Let’s hear it.

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Jim Treacher