Immigration officials urge Americans to oppose Senate’s immigration bill

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Immigration law enforcement officials continue to voice their opposition to the Senate immigration bill as the final vote nears.

The heads of two unions representing immigration enforcement officials urged Americans to call their Senators and urge a “no” vote on the Senate immigration bill.

“ICE officers and USCIS adjudications officers have pleaded with lawmakers not to adopt this bill, but to work with us on real, effective reforms for the American people,” U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service Council President Kenneth Palinkas and Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council President Chris Crane said in their joint statement issued Wednesday evening.

According to the pair, the Senate’s immigration bill “will make Americans less safe” and “ensure more illegal immigration — especially visa overstays — in the future.”

“It provides legalization for thousands of dangerous criminals while making it more difficult for our officers to identity public safety and national security threats,” the pair added. “The legislation was guided from the beginning by anti-enforcement special interests and, should it become law, will have the desired effect of these groups: blocking immigration enforcement.”

Palinkas and Crane, who have been vocal opponents of the legislation, concluded saying that the bill is “anti-public safety” and “anti-law enforcement.”

“We urge all lawmakers to oppose the final cloture vote on Thursday and to oppose the bill. And we call on all Americans to pick up the phone and call their members of Congress: (202) 224-3121,” they concluded.

The Senate invoked cloture on the bill Thursday, with Senators voting 68-32 to limit debate. The final vote is expected at 4 pm.

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