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You don’t get to know how much of your tax money Hillary Clinton spent as Secretary of State

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What difference, at this point, does it make?

Jim Snyder & Danielle Ivory at Bloomberg News report:

In her four years as the top U.S. diplomat, Hillary Clinton kept a running total of countries visited, miles traveled and hours spent in transit on the State Department website.

Still untallied: The bill to taxpayers for her globe-trotting.

Bloomberg News last year asked for the details of out-of-town trips for the heads of 57 major departments in fiscal 2011, a test of President Barack Obama’s pledge to run the most open government in history. As of July 12, about one-fifth of those surveyed hadn’t responded.

The State Department is one of five Cabinet offices that have yet to fully comply with requests under the Freedom of Information Act to disclose the details and expenses of official travel more than a year after they were filed.

Weird. Our public servants in the State Department don’t think they’re accountable to the people who pay their salaries? That’s a new development, huh?

Apparently the Republicans are now saying Hillary is a has-been. That’s completely ridiculous and unfair.

She’s a never-was.

(Hat tip: JWF)

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