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Was Trayvon Martin a homophobe?

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As we’ve been solemnly informed by our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters on the left, we’re supposed to listen to Rachel Jeantel and consider her a serious person or else we’re racists. Well, let’s pay Jeantel the courtesy of listening to her here, and assume she means what she says.

WARNING: Piers Morgan

I won’t attempt a transcription, but it sure does sound like she’s saying Trayvon Martin thought George Zimmerman was a homosexual rapist. And she was applauded for saying so!

So, according to Rachel Jeantel, Trayvon did this because he thought Zimmerman was gay:


As if this case wasn’t confusing enough for liberals already. First they had to call Zimmerman a “white Hispanic” so they could tell themselves they’re not racist against Hispanics (which they are). Now it turns out, if we’re to believe the brave and heroic Rachel Jeantel, that Trayvon was beating up a guy for being gay. Or at least Trayvon and Rachel thought so.

If you’re wondering what the LGBT community has to say about that, well, they’re still sorting through all the cognitive dissonance. As Patrick Howley notes:

The gay-rights advocacy group GLAAD has yet to respond to new revelations that Trayvon Martin may have been under the impression that George Zimmerman was a “gay rapist” at the time of their tragic fistfight…

GLAAD did not return a Daily Caller request for comment.

GLAAD has long spoken out against the “gay panic” defense used by defendants accused of violent acts against people they perceive to be gay.

Yeah, but all those other cases were different. Homophobia is bad, except when pointing it out might get you in trouble with Al Sharpton.

Congratulations, Zimmerman-haters. Not only are you racist against Hispanics, but you’re homophobes too. Enjoy them apples.

Update: Tom Joyner supports homophobia.

Update: “This is not about no damn LGBT, it ain’t about none of that bull$#!+!”

Update: Congratulations, Piers. You got a quick ratings blip, and all you had to do was completely derail the Trayvon narrative.


Update: Democrat Party operative Elspeth Reeve doesn’t seem to think we should believe Rachel Jeantel. Why so racist, Elspeth? Or maybe you just don’t have any problem with gay-bashing?


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