You can skip lines at the airport if you pay the TSA $85

Elizabeth Dorton Contributor
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A new program implemented by the Transportation Security Administration will allow all passengers to apply for expedited screening checks so they can board planes more efficiently.

The new system replaces one used previously that was only available to members of frequent flyer programs, depending on the airline.

The program allows travelers to pass through security while still wearing their shoes, belts and “light outerwear” the Associated Press reports.

Electronics such as laptops will be able to remain in their cases as well.

Though the regimented “airplane-sized” containers of liquids will also be able to go unseen by security, full body scans will still be required.

Though before this option was only available to certain passengers, John Pistole, a TSA administrator, has said that later this year all U.S. citizens will be able to register online for the program, or in person at certain enrollment sites.

Enrollment in the program includes an $85 registration fee. Enrollees must also provide identification and fingerprints.

The fee covers priority screening for five years.

In a statement, Pistole cited the importance of the PreCheck program because it allows airport security workers to focus on the more suspicious passengers.

“TSA Pre✓ enables us to focus on the travelers we know the least about, adding efficiency and effectiveness to the screening process.”

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