ESPN host mocks conservative Texans as ‘hypocrites’ for defending Johnny Football [AUDIO]

Gabe Finger Contributor
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Colin Cowherd mocked “conservative” Texans for being “hypocrites” for supporting Johnny Manziel on Wednesday morning’s episode of “The Herd” on ESPN Radio.

Manziel, also known by his trademarked nickname Johnny Football, is Texas A&M’s quarterback who became the first freshman to ever win the Heisman trophy. He has been widely criticized this off-season for partying heavily and lying to cops about a brawl, and now is being investigated by the NCAA for allegedly selling his autograph for $7,500.

NCAA athletes are not allowed to profit off of their likeness while under scholarship.

“Here’s what I think’s funny about the Johnny Football story, Texas is a really conservative state. We all know that, nothing wrong with that, it’s a very conservative state,” Cowherd said.

He then continued in a redneck voice, “Man, in Texas they don’t like those loose-liven, pot-smoking, never accountable liberals. Those liberals, they break laws, and they lie through their teeth, and they do drugs when they shouldn’t be doing drugs. Those liberals.”

“Yet the state of Texas is defending Johnny Football,” Cowherd noted, “who once spent time in jail for lying to cops.”

“‘Well it’s all a matter of time, and he’s a young stallion,'” he continued in the same redneck voice. “Hypocrite. Come on Texas, you defend conservative values: police, laws, guidelines, borders. That’s who you are. All those A&M hypocrites, lined up, defending, [the man who] lied to cops. ‘Well I mean who doesn’t want to drink in college?’ I think we all probably did, but I wouldn’t have ever lied to cops. Especially if I’m the quarterback for my football team.”

“There’s only one side of the argument to be on: Johnny Football created this whole entire mess.”

“Tough talkin’, rigid, all-about-cops-and-laws Texas, all lining up today, defending a law-breaker, [who] lied to his coach, lied to his teammates, lied to the cops — I thought you were all about accountability in Texas? … And it makes you look like hypocrites,” Cowherd said.

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