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Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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1.) Hollywood horror — Remember when the Batman series of movies was worth seeing? Probably no longer. The AP reports:

“Ben Affleck will don Batman’s cape and cowl. Warner Bros. announced Thursday that the 41-year-old actor-director will star as a new incarnation of the Dark Knight in a film bringing Batman and Superman together. The studio said Affleck will star opposite 30-year-old Henry Cavill, who will reprise his role as Superman from ‘Man of Steel.’ The movie will also feature ‘Man of Steel’ stars Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Laurence Fishburne as Perry White and Diane Lane as Martha Kent.”

What, was Gilbert Gottfried not available? Hot damn, this is a terrible casting decision. Will the Batman movies now lose their conservative flavor?

2.) Twitter hero — With all the time Cory Booker spends on Twitter, how does he get anything done? In any case, Booker once again proved himself to be a Twitter hero. TheDC’s Patrick Howley reports:

“New Jersey Senate candidate Cory Booker, who is also the mayor of Newark, claimed credit for putting out a mattress fire on New Jersey’s Interstate 280. ‘There is a mattress on fire in the area which I think is between exit 14/15 on 280W … called police-no answer,’ a Hoboken woman tweeted at Booker Wednesday night. ‘On it,’ Booker replied, using the Twitter catch phrase he reserves for the times when he springs into action to help potential voters with their various problems. ‘Update: The [Newark Fire Department] responded at 10:31 and found a mattress had been burning. It was extinguished immediately,’ Booker later tweeted. It is unclear why there was a burning mattress on Interstate 280, but it was likely one of the least interesting or problematic sights on the interstate that evening, according to The Daily Caller’s limited but still harrowing personal experiences involving the city of Newark.”

Sorry about that mattress, Mr. Mayor. TheDC Morning sometimes gets excited when traveling on 280 W.

3.) Bigotry identified — Bigotry exists — and sometimes it exists in people belonging to a group like, “White Allies Against Structural Racism.” Chuck Ross reports for The Daily Caller News Foundation:

“One of the two students removed from Oberlin College earlier this year for allegedly circulating virulently racist, anti-Jewish and anti-gay messages around campus  is an ardent leftist and committed supporter of President Barack Obama, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned. Dylan Bleier, one of the two students, organized a voter registration drive on behalf of Obama before the 2008 election. That voter drive is still listed on the website for Organizing for Action, the non-profit group whose mission is to advance Obama’s agenda. … On his now-defunct LinkedIn page, Bleier noted that he was the founder and president of the Ithaca High School for Obama club. He also identified himself as a member of the Oberlin College Democrats. Bleier also listed his participation in a group called Ithaca White Allies Against Structural Racism.”

4.) Bad boys, bad boys … — …whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when The Daily Caller comes after you. Charles Rollet reports for TheDC:

“After a Daily Caller investigation revealed a State Department employee steered $52 million dollars of taxpayer money to a phony firm she ran with her husband, the corrupt couple plead guilty to several felony charges this August and now face a maximum penalty of 30 years imprisonment each. The Fairfax News reports Kathleen McGrade and Brian Collinsworth plead guilty Aug. 2 to ‘major fraud against the government, conspiracy to launder monetary instruments, and engaging in unlawful monetary transactions.’ They will be sentenced on Nov. 8, 2013. ‘Defendants McGrade and Collinsworth — now convicted felons — defrauded and stole from the American people, plain and simple,’ said U.S. Attorney Neil H. MacBride. ‘We, along with our law enforcement partners, are committed to ferreting out and prosecuting those that destroy the integrity of the government contracting process.'”

5.) Tweet of Yesterday  Albert Brooks: And yet you follow, slave. RT @bclund: I love Albert Brooks’ movies but watching him try to be funny on Twitter is painful.

6.) Today in North Korean News — BREAKING: “Cuban Embassy Officials Visit Textile Mill, Schoolchildren’s Palace”

VIDEO: Tucker Carlson says UN Ambassador Power has a “freeman seminar view of the world”

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