Beloved cat mayor released from hospital after dog mauling

Robby Soave Reporter
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Stubbs — the adorable, long-serving cat mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska — was released from a veterinary hospital earlier this week after surviving a dog attack.

Doctors report that Stubbs is in good condition despite the vicious mauling he received.

“I’m thrilled to report that Stubbs’ recovery is right on track, and I know his caretakers are touched by the massive response to his situation,” wrote Amy Lehman, a veterinarian at Big Lake-Susitna Veterinary Hospital, in a blog post.

Cat food company 9Lives has offered to help pay Stubbs’s medical $3,000 medical bill. The company’s mascot, Morris the Cat, is a friend and political ally of the mayor.

“Morris the Cat, of 9Lives cat food, is a good friend of Stubbs, dating back to their sharing a ticket as candidates in the 2012 Presidential Election,” said a spokesperson for 9Lives, in a statement to The Daily Caller.

Stubbs has served as mayor of Talkeetna since winning a write-in campaign 16 years ago. The city is an official historic district, and the position is largely ceremonial. (RELATED: Beloved cat mayor is mauled by dog)

The cat’s many supporters will be pleased to know that Stubbs’s political aspirations have not been impeded by his injuries.

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