Oprah has over 11 million fake Twitter followers

Josh Peterson Tech Editor
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More than half of top Obama supporter Oprah Winfrey’s Twitter followers are not real.

Approximately 11,632,385 followers of Winfrey’s Twitter account, @Oprah, are fake, according to social media analytics company, StatusPeople. That’s 55 percent of the former talk show powerhouse and book club founder’s total following.

Of the 21,149,791 total followers of Winfrey’s account, 28 percent are considered inactive and only 17 percent — approximately 3.59 million followers — are considered “good.”

Winfrey has been hailed time and again as one of the most powerful and influential woman in the world, and is credited along with actor Ashton Kutcher for bringing Twitter  into the mainstream.

The social media service recently announced an initial public offering by the end of the year.

In April 2009, Kutcher challenged CNN to see who could reach 1 million followers first. At the time, no account had reached or exceeded 1 million followers.

In the early Friday morning hours of April 17, 2009, Kutcher became the first person to reach a million followers, beating CNN’s account by 30 minutes.

Later that morning, Winfrey joined the social network, attracting new users to the service. Kutcher appeared as a panelist on her show that day.

As of Sept. 24, some 44 percent — or approximately 6,602,894 accounts — of the 15,0006,576 accounts that follow Kutcher’s Twitter account, @aplusk, are fake, according to StatusPeople.

In August, President Obama applauded Winfrey’s acting abilities, calling her his “girl.”

As of Tuesday, the Daily Mail reports, 19.5 million of Obama’s 36,958,285 Twitter followers — or 53 percent — are fake.

That number is down from late last week, when The Daily Caller reported that 55 percent, or 20.2 million, of Obama’s then 36,802,378 Twitter followers was fake.

The Daily Caller also previously reported that nearly two million accounts that follow First Lady Michelle Obama’s @MichelleObama Twitter account, as well as more than 40 percent of the accounts that follow Vice President Joe Biden’s @JoeBiden account, are fake.

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