John McAfee unveils plans for device to thwart NSA

Josh Peterson Tech Editor
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Over the weekend eccentric antivirus pioneer John McAfee unveiled his plans to thwart the National Security Agency’s Internet surveillance.

On Sunday during the C2SV Technology Conference + Music Festival in San Jose, McAfee revealed to audience members that he plans to develop a new gadget called Decentral that would enable users’ devices to connect directly with one another.

“He said the gadget is called Decentral because by communicating with smartphones, tablets and other devices, it will create decentralized, floating and moving local networks that can’t be penetrated by government spy agencies,” reports the San Jose Mercury News.

McAfee plans to finish the first prototype of Decentral in six months. The finalized device will sell for $100.

While he claims to have had the idea prior to the revelations of former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, McAfee confessed to audience members that “it became the right time” to make Decentral real after Snowden’s revelations.

The announcement comes as only the latest in a series of McAfee’s colorful escapades, his most famous being when he ran from authorities in Belize who wanted him for questioning about the murder of his neighbor when he lived there.

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