Who’s hotter: Janet Yellen or Miley Cyrus? [SLIDESHOW]

Jordan Demcher Contributor
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We can’t stop talking about it. It’s the match-up that has everyone buzzing.

Sure, Miley may have become THE sex symbol of a generation with her incredibly tasteful performance at the VMAs, but was she the first woman ever tapped to be chair of the Federal Reserve chair? I don’t think so. Advantage: Janet Yellen? You be the judge.

There are Miley lovers and Miley haters. There are Yellen lovers and Yellen haters. You don’t get to the top of the game without being a wrecking ball and pissing some people off, and these two hotties are living examples of that.

Let’s just hope this match-up doesn’t come down to a twerk-off, because nobody would be able to handle that catastrophe.

Since it’s a party in the USA, you get the chance to decide.

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