Why did Krauthammer agree to an off-the-record meeting with Obama? [VIDEO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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President Barack Obama’s invited five conservative-leaning journalists to an off-the-record meeting last week to woo possible allies to his side for big, upcoming political battles, Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer believes.

“Well, I think he’s at a critical juncture where he’s taking a lot of heat from the right and the left,” Krauthammer said during a taped interview that aired on Fox News Channel’s recently launched “Media Buzz” program on Sunday. “He has got deadlines coming up and I think he wants to make as many friends as he can, or at least to make his case. The other interpretation is that if he can talk to [Iranian President] Hassan Rouhani, he figured he can now talk to me.”

Krauthammer said he plans to participate in the off-the-record event to analyze Obama.

“The president is the most important decision maker on the planet. Why would I turn down any opportunity to get a close look at how his mind works? That’s exactly what you get from an off-the-record meeting. But this is a serious attempt to get into his mind and understand what he’s thinking. That can always help you in analyzing what he says.”

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