Hannity: ‘It may be time for a new conservative party in America’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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As reports have surfaced that progress is being made on a deal to end the government shutdown, Sean Hannity worries the Republicans may be conceding too much.

On his radio show on Monday, the conservative talker explained his frustration with the “establishment wing” of the GOP for criticizing the more conservative members for their ideological stands.

“The problem here is the more establishment wing of the Republican Party — they didn’t stick together with these guys,” Hannity said. “And instead the establishment has been out there trashing principled conservatives for keeping their principles and for keeping their commitment and their promises to their constituents.”

Hannity said it may be time to consider creating a third conservative party separate from the Republican Party.

“What is different here is every time the establishment wins, they want the tea party conservatives to go along with them,” Hannity said. “Now when the tea party stands and fights for what they promised their voters, somehow they’re evil. Somehow what they did is wrong when — yet all I see is them standing on their principles.”

“This is about different strategies,” Hannity said. “I don’t think this country is going to survive with half-measures. Either you believe that we need radical positive-oriented solutions for this country and you’re willing to fight for them, or you’re not. Is it a third party we need? I’ve often argued no. I’m not so sure anymore. It may be time for a new conservative party in America. I’m sick of these guys.”

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