America finally crowns its favorite beer [MAPS]

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Hangover aid Blowfish decided it would be fun to conduct a sampling of Americans to determine, state by state, what the drinking preferences are in our nation. According to data collected from 5,249 Americans, Blue Moon is the favorite beer of the land of the free. Our favorite shot is the lemon drop.

While this paints a depressingly fruity representation of the nation, at least our nation’s capitol came in as the fifth biggest drinking state. Maine took home the crown overall, no doubt thanks to Allen’s Coffee Brandy, nicknamed “the champagne of Maine.” It was followed by Wyoming in second, Alaska in third and Delaware in fourth. This would suggest that large amounts of alcohol consumption has a direct correlation to having nothing to do in your state most of the year.

While only fifth in drinking, DC did top the country for complaining about their hangovers. The whiners were followed by Wisconsin, Utah, Rhode Island and Missouri. I also remember my first beer, Utah.

Take a look at each state’s drinking preferences by map:

shot map of USbeer map of US

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