Alan Grayson should pay for his slanderous attack

Lloyd Marcus Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee
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Patriots, I am boiling mad. Certain things should make you angry; a righteous anger. It does not mean I am out of control. The Good Book cautions, “be angry, but sin not.”

Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson is a despicable human being. This evil vile man sent out a fund-raising email purposely designed to gin-up racial hatred against millions of Americans which could easily lead to violence.

Grayson’s email said the Tea Party is the same as the KKK and featured a burning cross at a Klan rally to represent the “T” in Tea Party.

Since the beginning of Obama’s presidency, his administration, with mainstream media support, have used his skin color as a weapon to bludgeon into submission those who oppose any of his progressive agenda. The unfortunate result has been unprecedented national racial polarization; black youth flash mobs attacking whites at a state fair and other public events.

Obama stirred the pot of racial hate when he said if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon. The not guilty verdict in the Zimmerman trial sparked violence against whites.

Grayson declaring that the Tea Party is analogous to the KKK is pretty close to declaring open season on white tea party attendees and the traitorous blacks who attend.

I regard making such an irresponsible over-the-top outrageous highly charged false proclamation to be as criminal as yelling fire in a crowded auditorium. In essence, Grayson has burned a virtual cross on the lawn of America, threatening black and white members of the Tea Party; surrender to Obama’s agenda or we are coming to get you.

I am a black conservative who sought to stop Obama upon hearing him vow to fundamentally transform America and told Joe the Plumber that he wanted to spread the wealth around. I knew Obama was wrong for my country.

At more than 400 Tea Party rallies over the past five years, I have sung, spoke, labored, and shed a few tears with millions of Tea Party activists; remarkable, decent hard working Americans who cared enough to get up off of their sofas and invest time, energy, and funds to save their country. Grayson’s horrific lie about them is infuriating, like dissing my family.

Yes, I do consider the Tea Party my family; brothers and sisters committed to turning America around on the road to destruction, back to the vision of our Founding Fathers.

Allow me to share a few family moments.

My first time on stage at a tea party rally was in Florida. Before singing my original “Tea Party Anthem,” I proclaimed, Hello my fellow Americans. I am NOT an African-American. I am Lloyd Marcus…AMERICAN!” The audience erupted with cheers and applause.

Tearful attendees thanked me. They felt hyphenating divides us as Americans. Do these folks sound like KKK members?

At a Tea Party rally in Michigan, a wheelchair-bound white woman yelled, Oh my gosh, there is Lloyd Marcus! I read your columns and play your music. May I have a picture and autograph? Of course, I humored her. Her daughter confided in a staffer, My mom is dying. She said all she wanted to do was to meet Lloyd Marcus. Does this woman sound like a KKK member?

At a Texas Tea Party rally, I was approached by a white tall thin central-casting looking cowboy pushing a double stroller with two black babies. He and his wife had recently adopted the babies from Africa, excited for them to become U.S. citizens. We asked God to give us children who need our love.” Is this the sort of couple that would don hoods and burn crosses?

While Claire McCaskill and a few other Democrats have condemned Grayson’s email, push-back from liberals has been tepid at best.

Folks, we can not simply give our typical ho-hum yawning response to Grayson’s insidious hate-provoking and potentially violence-igniting slander.

Passions are high for the Tea Party to file a class action defamation lawsuit against Grayson and the Democratic Party, and use the settlement to fund conservative candidates. That would be sweet.

Congressman Grayson must pay a severe political price. Enough is enough!