Steyn: ‘Obama is cool’ meme disproved by botched health-care rollout

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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National Review columnist Mark Steyn said Monday the lackluster rollout of the health-care law has crushed the “cool guy” impression of President Barack Obama.

“It’s fascinating to me because it’s the reality of what ‘Obama is cool’ means,” Steyn said in an appearance on Dennis Miller’s radio show. “People just thought because they generally just responded to his vibe — that Obama’s version of government health care would just be way cooler, way modern. It would be iPhone 5 or whatever we’re up to by now of government health care. And in fact, it’s even worse than the most incompetent, sclerotic government health-care system — you know, government health care was introduced in the United Kingdom on July 5, 1948. On July 3, you went to the doctor. You wrote a check. On July 6, you went to the doctor, and you didn’t have to write a check. Three-and-a-half million people have been kicked off their insurance planes. And it turns out the cool guy can’t actually do anything, like a lot of cool guys.”

The author of “After America: Get Ready for Armageddon” predicted the administration will escape this controversy by simply moving on to the next policy endeavor, which could likely be immigration reform.

“It’s like straightforward on to the next thing,” Steyn said. “They say all these things like, ‘They’ll have to wait 20 years before they have the right to citizenship.’ Well you know, the first judge that comes up before will strike that down and there will be 30 million new Democratic voters in nothing flat. And again, they won’t care. They just move on to the next thing.”

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