Ann Coulter defends Alec Baldwin [AUDIO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Ann Coulter went to bat for Alec Baldwin Monday after Baldwin was suspended from his MSNBC show for two weeks for hurling a homophobic slur at a photographer.

Her defense: The so-called homophobic slur was aimed at someone who wasn’t actually gay and shouldn’t be taken as anything but a curse word.

“Not that your listeners want to hear this, but in defense of Alec Baldwin, I don’t think the guy — he’s a photographer, he’s not actually gay,” Coulter said in an interview with NewsMax’s Steve Malzberg on Monday. “This was just a curse word. It was like using the f-word and, frankly, a lot of these paparazzi photographers deserve it. It’s not something Alec Baldwin said in a calm moment on television. He has been harassed horribly by photographers and now this stalker, and he’s trying to protect his family, and he curses. That is what happened.”

Coulter advised conservatives against jumping on the anti-Baldwin bandwagon.

“I know, but since when do conservatives care about somebody using a word, especially a word … that is said in a moment of anger?” she said. “I think they shouldn’t have suspended him, and most I think conservatives should not join the word police. I mean, I understand the instinct to do so.”

Malzberg suggested things would be different if she had made the same remarks that Baldwin made, which Coulter conceded was the only argument for conservatives.

“That’s the only argument for conservatives,” Coulter added. “We do not believe in the word police.”

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