25-year-old devotee vows to wed 79-year-old Charles Manson

Faith Braverman Contributor
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A 25-year-old devotee has vowed to wed former cult leader Charles Manson, the Daily Mail reports.

Star, the name Charles Manson bestowed upon her, moved from St. Louis, Mo., at age 19 to near California’s Corcoran State Prison, where Manson has been locked up. She even reportedly carved an “X” into her forehead so that she would have matching swastikas with her beau. How adorable.

“I’ll tell you straight up, Charlie and I are going to get married,” she said in a Rolling Stone interview. “When that will be, we don’t know. But I take it very seriously. Charlie is my husband. Charlie told me to tell you this. We haven’t told anybody about that.”

In that same interview, however, Manson admitted the truth behind this bold announcement.

“Oh that,” he says. “That’s a bunch of garbage. You know that, man. That’s trash. We’re just playing that for public consumption.”

Obviously Manson hasn’t lost his ability to manipulate people. Physchology Today explores the bizarre pull serial killers seem to have over young women. According to the article, some women believe their love can transform the convict, because deep down inside there’s a child wanting to be nurtured.

Another aspect that draws women in is a desire to share the media spotlight, “and so triumphantly emerge from their anonymity, and maybe in the process even land a book or movie deal (an aspiration about as cynical as it is narcissistic and self-serving).”

The latter seems the most likely reason for why Star has chosen to base her existence around the man who orchestrated the deaths of nine people in 1969. Going from working in a nursing home kitchen to landing an interview with Rolling Stone is probably all the motivation Star needs for her devotion.

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