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GOP congressman serves up a steaming plate of ‘I-told-you-so’ over Obamacare and the shutdown [VIDEO]

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Congressman Raul Labrador isn’t unrepentant for the Republicans’ role in the fight over Obamacare that led to the government shutdown — especially since the White House has unilaterally delayed multiple portions of the law since its implementation.

“There wasn’t a single Republican that wanted to shut down the government,”Labrador said in an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller. “We all knew that on October first there was a new healthcare law that was going to impact every American and that was the only opportunity we had to do a fight on Obamacare.”

Labrador mocked Democrats for fighting so savagely against GOP proposals only to clamor for the very changes that the GOP was requesting as soon as President Obama’s signature piece of legislation went into a tailspin.

“The irony is that Democrats shut down the government to defend this law and now they are looking for ways to delay this law which is all we were asking for. We just wanted to delay the law,” he said.

Labrador argues that while their may have been a disagreement among certain parts of the Right about tactics, when it came to the fight that shut the government down, Republicans were justified

“We can tell the American people today that we wanted to stop Obamacare because it was going to be dangerous to the American people,” he said. “It was going to increase their healthcare costs. It was going to make sure that they couldn’t keep their health insurance. It was going to be detrimental to their relationship with their doctors. There were all these things that were terrible about Obamacare.”

Catch the full interview with Congressman Raul Labrador on Monday.

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