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A few favorites from the day…

Lara Logan out as CPJ dinner host. Politico story by Hadas Gold on the CBS reporter involved in the controversial retracted “60 Minutes” feature on Benghazi takes a huge twist at the end. I like twists. Although the news is not looking good for Logan. WaPo Paul Farhi‘s story on Logan has details from an internal memo.

The Hill’s In the Know blog has real gossip. Thanksgiving miracles really do happen. Today Judy Kurtz brings us the news that Rep. Trey Radel (R-Fla.) is being harassed in rehab. The news originated from The Naples Daily News but still, Kurtz brought it back to Washington. Unfortunately no one could drag it out of him just how he’s being harassed.

Should you Google the guy you’re dating? WaPo‘s Carolyn Hax‘s readers weigh in the matter and it’s nothing short of fascinating, especially since the guy in question has a father who murdered his mother. There are conflicting views on whether anyone should Google their dates, considering a lot of what’s out there is total crap. Still, what a small world! As one “researcher” writes in to Hax, “I am acquainted with a guy who murdered his mother. He is a smart, charming and talented guy — if a little odd — and no one would guess he had such a terrible secret. This guy dates a lot and has had girlfriends. I seriously doubt he tells them he murdered his mother. Google away. And go through all the pages.” Read the full column including the original letter here.