Cop, impressed by Mercedes G55 AMG, lets speeder off with a Thanksgiving warning [VIDEO]

Vince Coglianese Editorial Director
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Everyone wants to know the secret to getting out of a speeding ticket. In this guy’s case, all it took was owning a $100,000 car.

In a video apparently recorded Thursday, a cop can be seen — from the passenger seat’s vantage point — explaining to the driver why he was pulled over.

“[Clipped audio] in a 35 is fast even for Thanksgiving,” the cop says. “Yeah, sorry,” the driver responds.

After some small talk about where the driver is off to, the cop glances at the hood of the car and says, “This is a nice ride man. What the hell is it?”

“It’s a [Mercedes] G55,” the driver answers. The cop replies, “Never heard of it.”

“AMG,” the driver continues. “AMG’s just the kit right?” the cop asks. “No, it’s the engine too,” says the driver, “a supercharged 8-cylinder.”

“You got it in park?” the cop asks mischievously. “Yeah, it’s in park,” says the driver.

“Hit the gas,” the cop says.

Someone in the car can be heard nervously laughing at the request as the driver pushes down the accelerator.

After the engine lets out a roar, the cop reacts incredulously: “From a Mercedes, huh?”

“500 horses,” the driver responds.”You’re shittin’ me,” the cop says.

“Alright, how much you pay for it?” the officer wonders. “Uh, about 100 grand,” the driver answers.

“You’re shi— a hundred grand? Man, what do you do for a living?”

“I own an oil and gas company,” the driver explains. “Are you hiring?” the cop asks instantly, “Because this job don’t pay for shit.”

And with that, the cop let the driver off with a friendly warning: “Alright, man, do me a favor and slow down.”

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