Super straight golfer John Daly is pissed everyone thinks he’s gay now

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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Wild boy PGA golfer John Daly took to Twitter Monday to blow off some steam about being misidentified. It would appear that a BBC reporter accidentally said “John Daly” when talking about British Olympic diver Tom Daley, who, in a move that shocked no one, came out of the closet.

Tom Daley posted a video on Youtube Monday that said he still likes girls, but he is currently in a relationship with a man. The video already had five million views as of Tuesday. The description read, “This has been a hard decision to make, but I wanted you to hear this from me.”

As you can see, the 19-year-old British diver who snagged a bronze medal in the 2012 Olympics is a far cry from the 47-year-old Californian golfer who is known more for his country club pants and getting arrested drunk outside of a Hooters than his five PGA wins. John Daly has been married four times and is currently dating ex-Hooters girl Anna Cladakis.

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