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Matt Yglesias’ butt apparently feels fine 

“Finally got my invite to the only holiday party that matters.” — Slate‘s Matt Yglesias. And after being asked by a conservative, “Poor little fella. Are you but hurt? [sic]” the Slate reporter actually responds, saying, “My butt feels fine, thanks.”


Poor Matt had to cope with the above headline last night from Pejman Yousefzadeh‘s blog. Yousefzadeh is a libertarian-conservative Republican blogger in Chicago who previously wrote for Politico‘s now defunct Arena blog. RedState‘s Erick Erickson promoted the post. Yglesias replied, “But you don’t even know me.”

Reporter finds commonality with Nikki Finke

“Love sending people absurdist emails that are nothing but all caps subject lines. It’s one of many things I have in common with Nikki Finke.” — Talking Points Memo‘s Hunter Walker.

On global warming…“Seems like it’s finally time to stop shitting on the earth and get serious about the climate change thing.” — BuzzFeed‘s Andrew Kaczynski. He links to this story in the NYT. The story says a “sudden belch of methane from the ocean” that could fry the planet won’t likely occur in the next 100 years but that all bets are off when it comes to “nasty climate surprises.”

Politico problems…what problems? New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait doubles down on Politico‘s alleged “Payola” scandal. In the story, he reports that Politico and CapitalNY‘s Jim VandeHei dismissed the allegations in WaPo Erik Wemple‘s “takedown” of Allen last month as “nonsense.” He discusses Politico‘s stonewalling and the brilliance of the tactic. Even Chait surmises that there have been no real repercussions against Allen or Politico as a result of the piece. He writes, “Allen and Politico have instead simply lurched blithely forward. Their strategy of pretending the payola allegations don’t exist has worked brilliantly, from a business perspective.”

TWT reveals her love of Roseanne Barr – WHAT? 

“I’ve always been a huge Roseanne fan and I’ve always gotten so much crap for it.” — TWT‘s Jessica Chasmar, who of course included Barr, a former presidential hopeful, on the tweet.

Politico reporter looks inward

“Sometimes I tweet just to crack myself up. It’s not even about you people.” — Politico‘s Ben White.


“Actually I’ve never seen love actually.” — BuzzFeed‘s Evan McMorris-Santoro.


The dark realities of marrying a TV journalist 

“My fiance and I share makeup remover wipes now. Help?” — Jamie Shupak, fiancé to CNN’s newly hired Brian Stelter.