Listen to your dog’s thoughts with this MIND-READING headset [VIDEO]

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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Asking your dog to speak will never be the same thanks to the No More Woof headset, which translates your dog’s thoughts into human speech.

The Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery designed the headset to measure and track simple brainwaves and patterns, and transform them into basic vocalized desires like having to go to the bathroom, being hungry or tired.

The pre-order campaign for No More Woof lets potential buyers choose from three early models including the NMW Micro for $65, which recognizes two-three thought patterns, and the NMW Standard for $300, which recognizes four or more thought patterns and is software-upgradable.

The ultimate package — the $1,200 NMW Superior — features a golden dog tag with built-in speaker, a fur-matching color option, and ann option to track your dog’s thoughts over time, eventually allowing it to tell you not only when it’s hungry, but what kind of food it likes.

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