‘Die Hard’ actor speaks: ‘It’s a secularist’s Christmas movie’

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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There has been quite a lot of buzz on the Internet lately on whether or not “Die Hard” can be considered a true Christmas movie. Some say absolutely not, while others say that it’s a great Christmas movie.

Well, the jury has been out — UNTIL NOW.

The Daily Caller contacted original “Die Hard” stars Bruce Willis, Bonnie Bedelia (Mrs. John McClane) and Reginald VelJohnson (Sgt. Al Powell) to get their take on their classic action film as a Christmas classic. With the exception of Willis — whose rep gave “no comment” on this story — none of the other actors responded to repeated attempts for comment, except for one brave soul, Robert Davi (FBI Special Agent Big Johnson), who was willing to settle this matter once and for all.

“It’s on a lot of peoples Christmas classics, because it takes place during the holidays. But I don’t consider it such [a Christmas movie] like  ‘It’s A Wonderful Life,’ ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ and some of the other classics,” Davi told TheDC.

“One of the reasons it’s become a ‘Christmas movie’ is because it’s a secularist Christmas movie, because it’s taken the real meaning of Christmas out — taking Christ out of it. That’s [the birth of Jesus] what Christmas is about, no matter what we say.”

Davi said that while he “loves” “Die Hard,” he can’t consider it a true Christmas movie because it is not about the birth of Jesus, and that considering “Die Hard” to be a Christmas movie “typifies a movement” of “neutering Judeo-Christian values.”

“I am offended and affronted by the few taking an attack on the Judeo-Christian values I grew up on,” Davi said. “But if they are going to start taking down the Christmas tree or nativity scene like they did in Santa Monica, I don’t want to see anyone with a turban or feathers or orange like Dalai Lamas walking around.”

He continued:  “If we are going to neuter the whole society, let’s neuter the whole society.”

Davi said that an argument can be made that Willis’ John McClane character can be considered a “Christlike figure, there is an aspect to that to him running around bleeding and barefoot.” But as a whole, Davi says that viewing “Die Hard” as a Christmas movie exemplifies the fact that America is a more “secular society.”

“You’ve got more of a secular society except and nobody worships anything except to the tit of government and we are in dire straights and we all go on with our heads in the sand,” Davi said.

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