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Meghan McCain shows off her and her mother’s breasts

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain‘s daughter Meghan McCain never fails to keeps her fans guessing, wondering, head scratching, shocked, surprised and in complete awe of the stuff she’ll share with her friends as well as complete strangers. Daunting what a person will do to be  known these days.

And we thought boob flashing was just at Mardi Gras time. For those pretty, plastic beads. But why wait until March?

Over the weekend in Palau, an island chain south of the Philippines, Meghan released the following tweet and photograph with her mother, Cindy McCain, 59.

tweet-boobs boobs

Followers wasted no time remarking on their melons. Some reactions? 1. “Your boobs are popping out Meghan.” 2. “Nice cans!” 3. “Not bad.” 4. “You still got it going on Meghan no matter what the haters say – great pic of you and your mom!” 5. “Nice eyes.”

A picture perfect day at the beach is fitting for the McCain women — at this point, they’re like Kardashian light. But why the need to zone in on mother-daughter breasts? Can’t a mother and daughter go to the beach without forcing everyone to get a microscopic view of their gazongas?

Apparently, no.