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Washington Free Beacon’s ‘public editor’ has bizarre sexual outburst

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Let’s face it. After midnight on New Year’s Eve isn’t the greatest time for a human being to be tweeting anything much less an alleged Public Editor for a conservative news site in Washington. But Washington Free Beacon‘s “Public Editor” Biff Diddle was on quite a tear this year. After the clock struck midnight, he had sex on his mind and a lot of it. Beyond the exquisite content here, it’s admirable how even the period is askew in the first tweet.

The messages have since been deleted. Was he on Ecstasy? Did he get hacked? Is this the new way to come out of the closet? The Mirror reached out to Mr. Diddle for comment as well as Free Beacon Managing Editor Sonny Bunch.

“Biff is the pseudonym of a writer in Washington; his column and persona are parody, as we note in the tags of his posts,” Bunch explained to The Mirror. “As for the tweets on New Year’s, it was a horrible malfunction involving an obnoxious girl and Biff’s phone. Hence the quick deletion.”


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