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HLN host freaks out over gender roles and the Bible and whatnot

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I didn’t know who Jane Velez-Mitchell was until this morning, and I only vaguely know what CNN Headline News is. But this is kinda fun.

Recently an actress named Candace Cameron Bure (she’s Kirk Cameron’s sister and she used to be on Full House) made feminists even more unhappy than usual. How? By daring to declare that she’s been happily married for 17 years because she submits to her husband, like it says in the Bible.

And there was much yelling.

Velez-Mitchell is occupying the Carol Brady spot, middle of the top row. She’s the one who doesn’t seem to realize she’s wearing a microphone and we can all hear her.

It must be fun to sit down and have a conversation with Ms. Velez-Mitchell. She seems like a good listener.

Bure replied:


It seems to me that if Bure and her husband are happy together, it’s not up to anybody else to say they should be doing something different. She’s not giving up her right to vote, and she still works outside the home. But I guess that wouldn’t give Velez-Mitchell an excuse to scream at the top of her lungs. She’s getting good ratings, relatively speaking, so if it ain’t broke…

(Hat tip: Twitchy)

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