5 firearms a day found at TSA checkpoints in 2013

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Transportation Security Officers found more than 1,800 firearms in carry-on luggage at checkpoints all over the United States in 2013.

Of the 1,813 firearms — or 5 firearms a day, on average — found at TSA check points in 2013, 1,477 or 81 percent were loaded. The number of found firearms was a 16.5 percent increase from 2012’s total of 1,556.

According to the TSA the top airports for gun discoveries were Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (111 guns found), Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (96 guns found), Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport (68 guns found), Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (66 guns foud), and Denver International Airport (51 guns found).

Also of note, TSA officers found 562 stun guns and 136 inert/novelty/replica grenades in 2013.

TSA released the number of intercepted weapons in a Friday blog post patting the agency on the back for its “continued vigilance.”

And while the agency kept a lot of firearms off of airplanes, it was unable to prevent a shooting at Los Angeles International Airport, which resulted in the death of TSA officer Gerardo Hernandez last year.

“In many ways, Transportation Security Officers are the public face of our nation’s security. It is difficult work, requiring patience, stamina, and great attention to detail. It requires extensive training and constant vigilance,” the TSA Blog reads. “This year’s tragic incident reminds us that being on the frontline also comes with a great risk.”

TSA reports that it screened 638.7 million passengers last year or about 1.1 million more than 2012.

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