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Five reasons to quit Facebook

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In no particular order:

  • It’s just one more place on the Internet for your “friends” to pick fights with you. Make a joke. Express an opinion. Utter a simple statement of fact. Doesn’t matter. Somebody who at one point expressly asked to be your “friend” will harangue you about it. They’re as dumb as YouTube commenters, except they’ve specifically asked to be part of your life.
  • It’s an eyesore. There are Geocities pages from 1996 that don’t hurt my eyes that badly.
  • No, I don’t want to play the game you just invited me to play. No, there’s no button I can click that says “Ignore All Requests to Play Stupid Facebook Games.” You can block individual games, and that’s what I did, but I shouldn’t need to do so over and over and over. If I want to play a computer game, I’ll run around randomly murdering people in Los Santos like a normal person.
  • Mark Zuckerberg is a dick, and he knows enough about my life already. Ever see a story about Facebook finding new ways to protect its users’ privacy? That’s all you get from me, Mark.
  • Twitter is enough of an addiction already. Who does crack and meth?

Bye, Facebook. You stink. Have fun hanging out with Friendster and Myspace in a few years.



Just quit Facebook, and it feels so good
Just quit Facebook, and it’s understood
It’s one crappy site, but you can quit, it’s alright
It’s like removing fish-hooks when you’re quitting Facebook, hey, heyyyyyyy