Pro-pot billboards to surround Super Bowl stadium

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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The Marijuana Policy Project has purchased five billboards surrounding MetLife Stadium supporting pot use just in time for the Super Bowl.

Both Washington state and Colorado, home to both competing teams, have legalized marijuana recently.

The billboards depict footballs and laud the health benefits of smoking pot versus drinking alcohol. One even takes a shot at the injuries in football, saying marijuana is safer than playing football. The group tweeted out pictures of the five billboards.

The director of communications at the Marijuana Policy Project, Mason Tvert, told Fox Sports that he hopes the billboards will stimulate Super Bowl attendees to think about the sheer volume of those imprisoned for marijuana-related offenses.

“I think a lot of people will be shocked at just how many people are getting in trouble for using a less harmful substance than alcohol,” Tvert said. “When you’re sitting in a full stadium and you think about the idea of everyone in there being arrested 10 times over, it really gets you thinking about just how many people that is.”

Goodell recently said that he would consider allowing marijuana use for players if it was shown to help concussions.



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