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In 1986, the gay lover of President Barack Obama’s former weed dealer beat him to death with a hammer for farting in his face

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Let me be clear: It was the weed dealer who was bludgeoned to death, not Obama himself. That would hardly make sense, would it?

The following doesn’t really mean much in the scheme of things. But hey, if we can talk about Palin’s tanning bed, and what her daughter’s ex-boyfriend’s mom did once, and so forth, why can’t we talk about this?

Richard Alleyne, Daily Mail:

President Obama’s high school pot dealer who he thanked in his yearbook for the ‘good times’ was beaten to death by his lover after a series of fights over flatulence and drugs, MailOnline can reveal today.

Raymond Boyer, known as ‘Gay Ray’ to Obama and his marijuana smoking ‘Choom Gang’, was bludgeoned to death with a hammer seven years after he sold the future president and his friends drugs.

His lover Andrew Devere, a male prostitute, gave police a laundry list of reasons for the killing, including that Boyer, a surfer and unemployed chef, constantly put him down, made him beg for drugs and had a habit of breaking wind in his face.

Read the whole thing for all the sordid details. Keep in mind, you can hardly blame the President of the United States for what his old friends did after he stopped buying illegal drugs from them. And getting farted on all the time is enough to make anybody ticked off, right?

It’s just too bad that Boyer died decades before his old Choom buddy suddenly “evolved” on the issue of gay marriage. Boyer died thinking his old friend was a homophobe, just like all the other Americans who agreed with Obama before May 9, 2012.

Raymond Boyer, R.I.P.

(Hat tip: You ain’t seen nothin’ like the mighty Burge)

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