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Mirror Mailbox: Reader calls David Corn a ‘spoiled brat’

Some memorable notes arrived in The Mirror‘s inbox this week.

From 72-year-old retiree Drew Kelley in Los Angeles on our story on David Corn pestering his oil company, PetroHome on Twitter to bring him oil before the snowstorm: “Betsy, I’m reminded of a wall sign: ‘A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.’ What an overweening spoiled brat.”

In reaction to a story about creating a billboard for America’s three horniest presidents, James Pehta wrote in from Oyster Bay, NY to protest my use of Theodore Roosevelt for Franklin D. Roosevelt. Indeed, he’s correct. Franklin is the horndog, not Theodore, who was, by all appearances, a real family man. His first wife, Alice, died after the birth of their only child. He then married a childhood friend, Edith Kermit Carow, and spent 30 years with her.

“You used Theodore Roosevelt’s name incorrectly, and shamelessly. Franklin D Roosevelt was the person who had the love affair with Lucy Mercer, and documented with historians. Theodore Roosevelt was one of the most outstanding family man, including the love of his wife, and should not have been tarnished in your article. His reputation deserves better, and you perhaps could use a history lesson before printing such detail without error! Please correct this error at once. James Pehta, Execurtive [sic] Committee Member, Theodore Roosevelt Association, Oyster Bay NY.” Following up…James assures me that the Theodore Roosevelt Association really exists and has since 1920. He also assures me his anger and point were real. He apologized for spelling “executive” wrong. See here.