Cops arrest jogging woman because she couldn’t hear them

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Members of the University of Texas-Austin community are outraged that cops arrested an unnamed jogger who ignored police orders because she was wearing earbuds and couldn’t hear them.

The arrest happened at an intersection near the UT campus. Cops had been camped out at the intersection, issuing dozens of citations to people for jaywalking.

They planned to ticket a jogging woman, and ordered her to stop. But she was wearing earbuds and couldn’t hear them.

The officers chased the woman down and grabbed her arm from behind. Not knowing what was happening, the woman pulled away from the officer. This meant that she was resisting, and the woman soon found herself sitting on the ground in handcuffs.

Local man Chris Quintero watched the incident from a coffee ship window, and was irritated by the police officers’ behavior. He snapped a picture of the woman during her arrest.

“I was annoyed that the cops were kind of just hanging out on the corner giving citation after citation,” said Quintero in an interview with My Fox Austin. “She grabbed his arm and she shook him off.”

Quintero said it was clear that the woman couldn’t hear the officers, and didn’t mean to disobey the police.

A video of the arrest was posted to Youtube. Four cops eventually escorted the woman to a police car. When she realized she was going to be put in the car, she began screaming that she hadn’t done anything wrong.

A spokesperson for the police department said the woman was arrested for failure to identify and traffic signal violation.

“The woman refused to identify herself,” according to the statement.

The incident is being investigated.

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