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Calling Queer Eye: Rep. Jared Polis, an aspiring bow-tie aficionado, desperately needs help

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) has taken to the House Floor for the past two days, if for nothing else important, to show off his fashion prowess. What do you think Mirror readers — is this look a thumbs up or a thumbs down?

Day 1 was purplish golf shirt-silver bow-tie monstrosity. Even GQ noticed and offered to make him over. “Okay. Calm. Breathe. Alright, Congressman…You should let us help you,” wrote GQ fashion blogger David Tang Tuesday, calling it probably the “worst Congressional style ever,” and apparently talking himself down from a panic attack. On Day 2 the congressman appeared to put a little more thought into his attire and his hair. On Day 2 he looks almost like a cute Englishman. But at this point he appears to be begging for guidance.

For a member of Congress it’s hard to hope for anything much beyond that.

When I suggested to one my editors, Will Rahn, that bow-ties are a f**ked up thing to wear, he replied, “Bow ties ARE a f**ked-up thing to wear. As David Mamet once noted, a cravat is supposed to bring attention to the crotch, not the ears.”

A search online indicates that bow-ties aren’t Polis’ typical look. He usually opts for golf shirts sans neckwear, bland-colored button-downs or suits with regular long ties. Really nothing too garish. We did locate one picture of Polis in a “Critter” Boing Boing unicorn T-shirt — it’s a horse of sorts with a flowing red mane. He was also spotted in a rainbow necklace — he is among a few openly gay parents in Congress.

Comments on his Day 1 attire did remark on him being gay. One Twitter follower quipped, “Bravely shattering the stereotype that gay men are fashionable.” Another added, non-sexually, “Good God, man. Is that a polo shirt with a coat and bow tie?” And another: “Damn look in the mirror once in a while!” Captain1986 was offended for all gays, writing, “As a fellow gay, you should know better when it comes to fashion sense. Don’t let us down Congressman ;)”

Perhaps those guys from “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” could pay a visit to Capitol Hill?

A call to Polis’ Washington press office was sent straight to voicemail. But we’re still hoping to hear back.

Thank God for C-SPAN for capturing these images.

Day 1: Tuesday 


Day 2: Wednesday 



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