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BOLD QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Gotta get some new pleated slacks for CPAC.” — Jim Newell, Contributor for The Guardian and Salon.

Forget the Oscars. This Oscar is more captivating. 

“The last thing I’d ever watch is the Oscar Pistorius murder trial when does it start and on what channel can it be found?” — Democratic activist Mia Farrow, mother of MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow.

Speaking of Oscars, is there anything more important? 

“I’m tweeting abt Hollywd awards while my forebears in Ukraine deal with slightly more serious matters. All part of the job.” — Washington Post‘s Richard Leiby.

Journo deals with frostbite? 

“I had a mild encounter with frostbite tonight in Omaha and ache for those who can’t get themselves to adequate heat.” — NationalReviewOnline‘s Kathryn Lopez.

A crestfallen TODAY Show host

“Don’t you hate when you come home with a new fog machine to spice up your kids’ karaoke shows & your wife doesn’t celebrate the decision?” — NBC’s Willie Geist.

Are you smarter than Sarah Palin? Maybe not. 

“Interesting story about Governor Palin – apparently smarter than the smarty pants in the media? :)” — Greta Van Susteren.

Or…maybe so after all 

“So (a) Russia didnt “invade” Ukraine; (b) poor Palin wasn’t a psychic after all — in fact, she was wrong. Tough swallow for the Palinbots.” — A.J. Delgado.

trump25n-3-webThe name dropper 

“Will be playing golf today with Rand Paul at Trump International in Palm Beach. Will be both interesting and fun!” — Donald Trump.

Can we get a crowd source for brunch? 

“Would anyone in NYC like to brunch tomorrow? I am free and brunch plan -less.” — BuzzFeed‘s Kate Nocera just after midnight Friday.

Frozen journo 

“It’s 30 degrees in the house! I can see my breath. It’s been great knowing you all. #frozenpipes” — Marketplace host Lizzie O’Leary at 1:03 a.m. Saturday morning.

Senator seeks cooperative horse 

“Looking forward to riding (a cooperative horse, hopefully) in the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo parade this morning.” — Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas).