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Sounding Off with someone familiar with the inner workings of CNN. “The idea at HLN is oh we’re going to appeal to 18 to 24 year olds…so we’re going to take young people and put their videos online and then put them on TV. Why the hell would a young person who’s watching shit online say oh, let’s watch them on TV! It’s real basic common sense here. Who is going images-1to actually do that? At the end of the day you have a network being led by folks with no plan whatsoever..there is no plan. There is no vision. The strategy is literally let’s literally throw something up against the wall and see what sticks. Jeff Zucker is spending a shit load of money and it’s not working. Anthony Bourdain and Morgan Spurlock…those shows were in the hopper before he arrived, before he ever stepped foot in the building. He can’t take credit for those shows. What you have is a network that is absolutely adrift. CNN has essentially turned into the ABC reject network — on air people and off. Chris Cuomo, Bill Weir, John Berman. You’ve got literally dumb and dumber leading the network. It’s very easy to tout, oh look at the ratings going up because of the Malaysian airplane! But when the high wears off…CNN is rapidly destroying its reputation as Zucker is scouring like a scavenger looking to get a ratings point any way possible. One of the reasons CNN has been successful is it has always had a stellar reputation. Zucker is clearly putting its reputation on the line and he’s damaging the brand across the board and in the marketplace. When you’re biggest sales guy, [head of CNN ad sales] Greg D’Alba, one of the most respected individuals in the entire industry, leaves and he’s not leaving for another job, that is huge. [See the Monday night scoop by Richard Johnson in NYP‘s Page Six.] What this says is, I’m not willing to put my name on this shit that Zucker is putting out to the public. I am not speaking based upon what I heard. I am speaking with 100 percent certainty with what I know.This is the money guy. This is the guy who even during the final three years of the reign of John Kline and Jim Walton still went out and sold the network. The fact that he is bolting should be of real concern to the new CEO of Turner as well as well as Jeff Bewkes, the CEO of Time Warner. His leaving should raise a significant red flag in terms of its future direction. This is a major defection that speaks directly to the reign of Jeff Zucker and the future direction of this network. It’s not like he’s leaving for another job. This is major. When do you stop riding the TODAY show? He’s still riding when he was at TODAY. How long ago was that..1992? How in the fuck does Jeff Zucker keep getting promoted? The morning show? The only person who is fucking interesting is Michaela Perrera. It’s time to send Snow White back to the castle. You’re watching Kate Balduan and you’re going, please shoot me. It’s just sad to watch it. It is abundantly clear that Jeff Zucker has no plan whatsoever. The people inside in New York and Atlanta are on pins and needles because they have no idea what’s happening day to day. Zucker is desperately in search of a rating point and he’ll do whatever he needs to get one. The morale in Atlanta is at all-time low. They’ve shifted the power center from Atlanta to New York. Atlanta is now an outpost. They’re just rolling with it day to day because no one knows what in the hell is going on and you’re just sort of sitting here letting it ride.”

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Some Weiners never deflate 

“Weiner’s name is a euphemism for penis and so is ‘column.’ I’ve always seen Weiner as a syndicated columnist.” — Tina Dupuy, also a syndicated columnist but minus the penis euphemism.

When to go to Whole Foods in D.C.: Try never 

“Learning my lesson that I shouldn’t go to Whole Foods on days that end in a ‘y'” — Politico‘s Seung Min Kim.


New POTUS will get a new limo

“The next President will get a new limo in 2017; because of its secret security features, the Secret Service will destroy current limos.” — Paul Brandus, West Wing Reports.

One rotten apple…

“‘Breaking News Fatigue’ is now a thing.” — Peter Leung, a freelancer in Vancouver, Canada.

Media Matters offers birth control advice 

“FACT: The morning-after-pill is *not* an abortion pill. It works to prevent ovulation, not implantation.” — Media Matters, the logical choice for birth control wisdom.

Journo wants to watch TV on acid 

“I kinda wanna watch ‘The Five’ on acid one day and see what happens.” — BuzzFeed‘s Dorsey Shaw.

Urgent detail in a Monday White House pool report: “Pool escorted into meeting room at the prime minister’s residence at 6:35pm. Very small room lit by a modern chandelier and recess lighting.” — Scott Wilson, Washington Post.

The Washington Post‘s crappy water fountain… See here. According to Chris Cillizza, “This is the ‘working’ water fountain at WaPo.”