Police book intruder who assaulted GMU economist, made threatening online comments

Katie McHugh Associate Editor
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Arlington police charged 31-year-old Jonathan Pendleton of Alexandria, Virginia with abduction and assault with a caustic weapon on Thursday after he attacked economics professor Tyler Cowen in a classroom at George Mason University with pepper spray.

Pendleton announced he was placing Cowen under citizen’s arrest during a lecture — and pepper-sprayed the Mercatus Center director full in the face. (RELATED: Economist Tyler Cowen pepper-sprayed by lunatic performing ‘citizen’s arrest’)

Another GMU campus police officer told The Daily Caller that Pendleton looked like an ordinary student, and thus was able to easily slip into the classroom.

Pendleton also made a bizarre and threatening comment on Cowen’s blog, Marginal Revolution.

“What better place to do prison research than inside a prison?” Pendelton wrote on March 17. “If the police and FBI won’t arrest you for hacking my computer and sexually harassing me over the past several months, I will do it myself — in the next couple weeks before school starts again. Either way, one of us is going to prison. I will entertain settlement offers at the email address provided.”

Neither Cowen nor the 12 students in the classroom affected by the spray were hospitalized.

(H/t: The Libertarian Republic)

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