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 BOLD QUOTE OF THE DAY: “You are taking a rash of shit in a week and a half like nobody I’ve seen in a long time.” — Jon Stewart to ESPN’s Nate Silver on The Daily Show last night.

BFF alert!

“Also @DanaBashCNN is my new ‘hey girl’ I see you at stuff BFF.” — WaPo “Reliable Sources” writer Helena Andrews.


“I invented this new thing today called sarcasm. I really think it’s going to take off.” — RedSate‘s Caleb Howe.

D.C. City Councilman Marion Barry hearts Scandal 



Words to live by…

“Donald Trump says crazy stupid stuff all the time. You are not required to RT it.” — Politico‘s Ben White.

Oh, except here’s someone who still has The Donald’s ear

“Top 3 ways to increase your # of Twitter followers: praise Duke basketball; say the media is doing a heckuva job; be @realDonaldTrump” — TIME’s Mark Halperin, among the handful of journalists Trump still likes.



17 Men in Journalism with Pussies (and counting) 

On Thursday I published a listicle showing the plethora of men in journalism who have pussy cats. Afterward, people began yelling about all the other dudes in journalism with pussies. So fine, here are the adds: CNN’s Jake Tapper (cat’s name is Pink) and Brian Sutton, who writes TRScoop, tweets about his cats, Orson and Gretchen, all the time. Pollster and GOP consultant Frank Luntz demanded a recount. A journalist berated me for not knowing who TRScoop was. “Duh,” he wrote. “Get with the program!” Thank you for making me feel both educated and stupid. The cat pictured here is Deacon and belongs to RealClearPoliticsIan Schwartz, who made the original list. If there’s more, please inform me at 

Note to readers: Something very bizarre happened today and former Reuters Social Media Editor Matthew Keys Twitter account was allegedly impersonated, causing me to believe that he had tweeted something that his archives do not indicate he tweeted. I will be reporting on this in the coming days when we can get to the bottom of how and why this happened. Keys knows how this happened, but so far he has refused to share the information except to show me how it could be done with my account — and even then, only in photograph form. It’s unfortunate he won’t help explain it. Seems like that would be a hell of a good public service. But hey, that’s his choice. He can cry “libel” all day long. But I would never knowingly print a tweet I knew was not from the person that I indicated wrote it. I have removed the tweet that came from what reasonably looked to be Keys account above.