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Hong Kong economists say it’s not a good idea to lie about global warming… it’s a GREAT idea

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How many people in doomsday cults really believe what they’re saying? How many of them really think the end is nigh? How many of them are just preying on the weak and lonely, tweaking their fears to keep them in line?

When it comes to the doomsday cult called “global warming,” it’s becoming increasingly obvious that the hucksters are in charge. Marc Morano, Climate Depot:

A new peer-reviewed paper published in the American Journal of Agricultural Economics, titled “Information Manipulation and Climate Agreements”, is openly providing a “rationale” for global warming proponents to engage in mendacious claims in order to further their cause.

The paper appears to support or provide a formula for why lying or “information manipulation” is able to further the cause of man-made global warming and “enhance global welfare.” The authors use a mathematical formula to study information tactics.

The authors, Assistant Professors of Economics Fuhai Hong and Xiaojian Zhao, note how the media and environmental groups “exaggerate” global warming and then the offer their paper to “provide a rationale for this tendency” to exaggerate for the good of the cause.

Here’s the mathematical formula:

2 + 2 = 5

These guys justify lying about global warming because it will benefit society. Of course, if you have to lie about a problem in order to “solve” it, people might start to wonder if it’s really a problem. It’s like yelling “FIRE!” in a crowded theater that isn’t really on fire, and then justifying your behavior by telling the trampled people that at least they didn’t get burned.

Except instead of getting arrested and/or beaten to a pulp for their irresponsible antics, global warming alarmists are cheered on by credulous rubes who don’t have anything better to do. The rest of us are told to shut up or we hate science.

Because what’s less scientific than skepticism?

(Hat tip: James Delingpole)

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