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Breitbart News President and CEO voted for President Obama

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger

Despite the information being hush-hush around the office, Breitbart‘s CEO Larry Solov voted for President Obama. The first time around, of course, not the second. No doubt there’d be hell to pay for that.

The reason it’s semi-known is because before Andrew Breitbart died in March of 2012, he used to joke that Solov was his “liberal friend.” When introducing him to people, Breitbart would randomly but openly announce the news.

“They certainly don’t discuss it now that they’re the champion of all things Sarah Palin,” said a source on condition of death should I ever tell you who told me. “They’re in the closet with it.”

Another remarked: “He’s a liberal. Andrew was pretty open about that fact.”

Asked by email why he’s no longer hot for Obama, Solov fell silent and didn’t return the email. Before the email, I got him by phone but he quickly said he was in a meeting and suggested that I send him an email. He was, however, kind and friendly about it. The Mirror also sought comment from Breitbart spokesman Kurt Bardella. He also did not reply to my inquiry. Just for the hell of it, I wrote Jon Kahn, the minister of culture at Breitbart News. With such a lofty title I figured he might have insight.

But no. He, too, had nothing to say.