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Nine-month-old baby charged with attempted murder in Pakistan

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At an age when most of us are playing peek-a-boo and filling up our diapers, one kid already has a rap sheet. Pakistan is a weird place, maybe?

Jon Boone, Guardian:

The family of a Pakistani baby charged with attempted murder say they have been forced into hiding after coming under intense pressure from the police, who are facing national humiliation over the incident.

One police officer has been suspended and an official inquiry has been ordered into how nine-month-old Musa Khan was booked in Lahore for supposedly taking part in a riot in one of the city’s slums…

The episode has a shone an embarrassing light on Pakistan’s shambolic criminal justice system, where underpaid and ill-trained police can be quick to lay false charges that can ensnare the innocent in years of legal troubles.

Police making false charges? Good thing that can’t happen here

Gaze into this soulless eyes of this hardened criminal:

Just look at that menace to society. Lock him up and throw away the key.

They can do whatever they want to him, but he’s not talking. Because HE CAN’T TALK.

I’m tempted to say something critical about the treatment of this child, but that wouldn’t be very multicultural. That would be racist. So I’ll just say: Nice job, Pakistan.

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