MSNBC castoffs meet to talk about ‘corporate USA’ at a literary supper club

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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Former MSNBC hosts Martin Bashir and Dylan Ratigan enjoyed a meal together Thursday night, possibly to discuss not working in cable television anymore.

Bashir, who resigned in December after inflammatory comments about Sarah Palin, and Ratigan, who left MSNBC in June 2012 and is now involved in hydroponic farming efforts, appear to have bonded over their shared work experience in what Bashir referred to as “corporate USA.”

“Steve Friedman and Dylan Ratigan – chewing the cud and thinking about how to do authentic journalism in corporate USA,” Bashir tweeted Thursday night. (PHOTO BASHIR’S)

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Bashir took Ratigan’s 4 pm timeslot on the low-rated cable network in 2012. Bashir, who is not a natural-born citizen of “corporate USA,” is perfectly capable of doing his authentic journalism elsewhere.

“Looking well! Fine chap treated myself and NBC legend Steve Friedman to a meal at his literary club,” replied Ratigan.

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