Oh, it’s just John Daly teeing off on a girl’s face

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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John Daly never ceases to amaze. He smokes around 40 cigarettes a day, wears awesome pants and loves Hooters. He is also a phenomenal golfer.

In celebration of the PGA Masters at Augusta, Daly decided to share a video of a special moment between him, a beautiful woman and possibly her husband. Daly tweeted out a video of him teeing a ball from a tee held in the woman’s mouth. He captioned the video, “Don’t try this at home! #MastersWeek #TeeitHigh #GripitandRipIt.”


The woman is unhurt and hugs the man holding her down while Daly teed. The circumstances surrounding the video are unclear. Maybe she lost a bet? Or maybe she won a bet, because who wouldn’t want John Daly teeing off of your mouth.


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