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Shirtless dude asks TV reporter out on air… A blonde female reporter covering the California wildfire gets flustered when a guy starts hitting on her during a live report. Watch here.

Think your Twitter account belongs to you? Think again. If you’re a journalist, you’d better make sure it’s all nailed down before you start that new job. According to a story on the Poynter website by Ellyn Angelotti, there may be legal issues regarding Twitter followers. Angelotti is an attorney who teaches social media issues.  She writes that the problem is the blur between our work and private lives. When you leave a media outlet, just who owns your Twitter followers? This sh-t is actually pretty serious and you can wind up in court if you’re not careful. See here.

National Geographic finally thinks a woman can run the show… WaPo‘s Paul Farhi has the news on Susan Goldberg, who went to work at the magazine in January as executive editor of news and features. They are aware it’s 2014, right? Read here.

A Star Jones sighting in Dupont Circle with her dog Pinky… Horribly, she makes the white fluff ball of a dog wear a pink bow. One of the original hosts of ABC’s “The View” her Wikipedia page can’t seem to figure out what she does: She’s an “American lawyer, journalist, writer, television personality, fashion designer, fashion designer and women’s advocate.” How impressively exhausting. From WaPo‘s The Reliable Source column. See here.