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In Shocking Animal Attack, Tammy Haddad Claws ‘This Town’s’ Mark Leibovich

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Pretty surprising that Washington all powerful PR maven and socialite Tammy Haddad chose the 2014 White House Correspondents’ Dinner to unload on NYT Magazine chief national correspondent and This Town author Mark Leibovich. As revenge goes, this is rather hilarious.

Probably more than any other Washington personality written about in This Town, which was published last year, the Tamster got hit the hardest.

But that was last year. Until now, she’s held her tongue and did what she always does, deciding who had sucked up enough to be allowed into this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner garden brunch. Most reporters who attend don’t write about it in any real way. Those who go know they have to tread lightly or suffer a fate worse than death: You will never see those mimosas and crab cakes again.

In a story in BuzzFeed on Bloomberg and Vanity Fair excluding Leibovich from their WHCD party this year, Tammy, whose client is Bloomberg, cracks on her own so-called power. But her acidic attack comes off a little too sharply. Haddad doesn’t appear capable of not caring. As they point out, Kevin Sheeky, an aide to ex-New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, is one of the lesser known hosts of Tammy’s brunch. Combine their power, keep Leibovich out of the parties, and there’s no telling how they can change the social fabric of Washington.

That will show him and anyone else who decides to cross Washington’s most powerful WHCD party thrower.

Honestly the whole thing feels rather undignified – even for Tammy. Better strategy? Welcome Leibovich to the garden brunch with open arms and make everyone think she’s the bigger (figuratively) person.