Donald Sterling’s Gold-Digging Mistress Has Been Arrested Four Times, Has Six Different Aliases

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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V. Stiviano, the mistress of racist NBA owner Donald Sterling who has been trying to stretch her 15 minutes of fame far past its natural life, has run afoul of the law at least four times before. She has also gone by six different names.

Stiviano called herself Vanessa Maria Perez, Monica Gallegos, Maria Valdez, Maria Vanessa Perez and Mariamonica Perez Gallegos, in addition to her current moniker. Fox Sports reports that she claims to have legally changed her name to V. Stiviano in 2010 because she hadn’t, “yet been fully accepted because of my race.”

Stiviano is under investigation for extortion of her sugar daddy Donald Sterling, but this isn’t the first time she’s interacted with law enforcement. She was arrested for petty theft in 2002 and 2004, for possession in 2010, and got a DUI in 2012.

Sterling’s wife Rochelle has requested Stiviano return $2.5 million worth of gifts she got from Sterling. This includes cars and a $1.8 million condo.

This is a lesson to girls everywhere that if you don’t mind sleeping with old racists, and change your name to something sexy and mysterious, you too can be given a $1.8 million condo. Just leave the tape recorders out of it.

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